Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Earthmoving equipment is used for digging, pushing and transporting earth from one place to another, or to load it into trucks for further transportation. You will find such equipment on almost all construction sites when site clearing and foundation works are in process. They come in different sizes and with different capabilities and need skilled operators to run them.

earthmoving equipment

earthmoving equipment

As the work to be done by the equipment is of a short duration, compared to the length of a project, it can always make sense to hire them instead of buying them. The companies that hire them out will also have their own operators and maintenance team, and the project is not burdened with the running and maintaining of the equipment. Most of this equipment is crawler mounted or has very big tires that are not suitable for normal roads and highways. The equipment then has to be brought to the construction site in special transporters. This is a factor that has to be taken into consideration when hiring any earthmoving equipment, as long transportation distances can greatly increase the overall cost of the hired equipment.

When you are required to hire earthmoving equipment, you must first estimate the quantity of earth that has to be excavated and moved, the dumpsites which can be at a distance, and the capacity or productivity of the equipment that can do the necessary work within the time you have allotted for it. The company hiring this equipment must be located nearby so that transportation costs are under control. Hiring charges are hourly, daily or monthly, and any idle time is always to your account. You must, therefore, make sure that any equipment that you hire is kept busy, and sent away as soon as the work is finished. At times, it may even be cheaper for you to send away the equipment and bring it again if your work for it is intermittent.

Your hired equipment supplier should be able to provide you with all the other ancillary equipment that you may need for moving earth, like tippers, graders, dozers, dump trucks and other equipment. Some of the companies may even agree to transport the debris and earth at fixed costs. Check to see whether the equipment being offered for hire is in good working condition and is well maintained. They must also have proper safety standards and attention to safety while doing the work. They must have competent mechanics and maintenance staff that attends immediately to the breakdown in equipment.

Before you hire the equipment insist on their professionals visiting your project and understanding the extent of the work that you have for earthmoving. Their experience and knowledge of the capability of their equipment may help you to hire equipment that is really suited for the work that needs to be carried out. Make sure that you have facilities to park the equipment when it is not in use, and also to ensure its security and safety. You may at times, also be required to provide them the necessary fuel and lubrication.