Everything You Need To Know About Face Fit Testing

Face fit testing is something that has to happen in certain industries. However, there are a lot of people who work in these industries that do not know much about face fit testing. It is important that you know what this is, who needs to have it done and the benefits of the test.

face fit testing

What Is Face Fit Testing?

As the name suggests, face fit testing is the testing of marks to ensure that they fit the face of the wearer. This testing will have to be carried out on all respiratory protection equipment or RPEs. This is based on the UK legislation passed in 2002 which requires all RPEs to be tested.

The reason for the legislation was research which found that 50% of RPE used did not provide the right protection because it did not correctly fit the wearer. This is due to the fact that faces come in different shapes and sizes. The RPE that suits one person will not always provide adequate protection to someone else.

The face fit test will only take 20 minutes to complete. There are 2 types of testing that will need to be completed and they are the qualitative and quantitative testing. These tests should be completed at the mask selection stage and will have to be done on a regular basis. It is recommended that aa face fit test is carried out every 1 to 3 years depending on the risks. Testing will also need to be done if the mask wearer gains or loses weight, has significant dental work or has any other changes to their facial structure.

Qualitative testing will generally be carried out on half face masks and disposable masks. The wearer will have to carry out a series of exercises to ensure that the mask fits correctly. This is a taste test where a substance is released and the wearer will have to determine if they can smell or taste it.

Quantitative testing will be done for all tight-fitting respirators as well as full face masks. The mask will be attached to a particle count machine which detects whether airborne particles are passing through the mask via a broken seal. The machine will provide the pass or fail reading.

Who Needs Face Fit Testing?

Understanding more about face fit testing is important, but you also need to know how has to have this done. All people in the UK who have to wear a tight-fitting facepiece will need to have it tested. This will include all people who work in industries that require masks to be worn regularly. Employees who may have to wear a specific mask in an emergency will also need to have this testing done.

The Reasons For The Testing

There are many reasons why this testing has to be done. The primary reason is that it is required by law. Legally, all people who need to wear RPE will need a certificate that proves the mask offers adequate levels of protection. The regulations such as the COSHH, CLaW and CAR all state that the test needs to be done when the mask is selected.

Another reason for this testing is the safeguard it provides for the health of the wearer. The testing ensures that people are protected from hazardous materials which can cause serious medical side effects. Proper fitting of the mask can reduce the risks of inhaling asbestos which causes lung cancer. Without the correct tests being done, you cannot be sure that the mask you have will offer the protection that you need.

Who Should Complete The Tests?

Face fit tests will need to be carried out by accredited professionals. Only these professionals will have the correct equipment for testing and be able to provide advice on selecting the correct mask for your facial structure. At the end of the testing, the accredited professional will be able to provide you with a certificate that is required by law. This will show that your mask has been tested and passed as well as the date of the last test.

Face fit testing is something that all people who wear RPE will need to have done. This testing ensures that the right level of protection is provided to the wearer.

What Happens If Asbestos Is Found Inside Your Home?

One of the most dangerous substances that you can find in your home is called asbestos. This is a type of silica material, a mineral that is extracted from the ground naturally. For centuries it has been used as a type of insulating material that has the ability to also prevent fires. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the fibers from this mineral were able to become airborne. When it was used extensively, especially in modern projects, the fibers could lodge in the lungs of people that were using this material without a proper breathing apparatus. This would lead to conditions such as mesothelioma, fatal conditions that have no cure. If you have had a test done, and it has been determined that you have this in your home, this is what you need to do.

Things To Not Do Once This Is Discovered

It is good to know what you should avoid doing if you do find asbestos in your home. First of all, do not attempt to remove this on your own. For example, someone may try to remove this to save money and will not have a proper mask. The fibers from this mineral are so small, they can bypass the standard filters that we use, ones that can be purchased from a local hardware store, and therefore you would be potentially contaminating your body and lungs. Second, you should not ignore the fact that it is in your home. Even if it is a small amount, this can still lead to future problems. Therefore, it is best to contact a professional that will have the tools and asbestos safety equipment necessary to do a proper extraction.

What You Need To Do To Get Rid Of The Asbestos

In all likelihood, you have found a professional to do the testing for you. If that has occurred, then you will need to use them to remove the asbestos for you. They will come in with the proper safety gear and equipment to extracted. You will have to find another place to live while they do so. Subsequent to the removal, they will then do a test to make sure that it is all gone. This will ensure the safety of you and your family. The cost of doing so can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so keep that in mind as you are looking at the different estimates you receive from asbestos removal companies.

What If You Have Been Exposed For Years?

If you have been exposed to this material for years, you should know that the effects of asbestos exposure may not show up for decades. However, it still a good idea to go see a doctor who can help you in figuring out how to resolve, or at least prepare for, the potential of this type of contamination. Doctors will be able to provide you with testing that can determine if you have a problem now. You can also talk to them about how long you were exposed. Based upon these parameters, they can give you a basic idea of what to expect, and also treatment options if they detect that something is wrong.

If asbestos is found in your home, you now know what to do in order to have it removed. Always remember that this is something that should be done by professionals. If you have the time, start searching for these companies that can help you eliminate asbestos from your household. Once it is removed, and they have tested your home to make sure it is all non-, you can safely move back in. If you have never have this testing before, it could be one of the most important decision you ever make. Start looking for a professional asbestos testing and removal company today.

Best Web Platform for e-Commerce Sites

Working on the Internet can be very exciting, but draining at the same time. However, when you are running an e-commerce website the challenge you will have to face going to come from having to pick out the best web platform for the hosting of the website. By knowing about three of the best, though, it will be easier for you to select the one that is going to work best for your site and know if it will help you in making sales or driving your customers away. Please note, that most of these are platforms that you can work on without any extra help from designers if you want.

WordPress is one of the most common ways to power a website. However, since it is so common a lot of people do not think about it being able to power e-commerce websites. That is completely wrong as people will find out that it is going to make it easier for you to set up the website on your own and with the additional plugins you can easily add in some of the other features that you would want to have on your website.

Weebly is a website development platform that is going to be able to provide people with an easy to use platform that makes it easier for them to develop their site. What makes this even better is the fact this is a program that is starting to gain in popularity and while it is not free to use as an e-commerce platform or as a self-hosted website, it is one that is going to make it easier for people to set up and not really have to be concerned about the cost being so high that they are unable to run their website because it is expensive to operate.

Basic HTML coding is another form of the platform that people can use on their website and know it is going to make it easier for people to set up a website. However, they need to realize it is going to be a very hard way to set up a website because it is going to make it difficult to update and will require coding for all of the websites. So this is going to be a factor that people need to consider because while it is something they can do on their own, it is one method that will take quite a bit of time and effort on their part.

When you decide to take your business and launch it into an online e-commerce store, you will find it can be nearly impossible to do at times. By knowing about the three best e-commerce platforms, it will be easy for people to get the right platform and know it is going to allow them to make a living off of their websites and storefront, instead of having to rely on the traditional method of making a living with a brick and mortar company.

Locating Underground Objects with Ground Penetrating Radar

How To Locate Underground Objects

I have recently just moved into a new home in Toronto Ontario, I am very pleased and excited to move into my new home. I earlier used to live in New York so the weather is something that I am aware of since it is kind of the same. What I like is that the Summer in Toronto is still a lot better than the Summer is in New York. So, what I have thought about and have been thinking about for quite some time is to get a built-in swimming pool this time around. This time I would love to get a built-in swimming pool in my backyard as I feel it would just be a lot more fun.

The only issue with getting a swimming pool in my backyard is that I would need to locate underground objects or even concrete testing can be done. You want to make sure that your pipes can fit through and that there is not anything else underneath there. To do that you need to get a ground penetrating radar. Instead, of getting one on my own I decided on hiring a company to do for me as it would just be a lot easier.

I have called a couple companies that locate underground objects with penetrating radar, but they all seem to be booked for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks time I want my swimming pool installed and ready to go, so I need to find someone who have complete their service around this week and the sooner the better for me. I am hoping that I can get all of this work done with the detecting, so I can quickly contact people that can do the swimming pool for me. I want to get all of this done, so can enjoy August with the new pool.

Overall, if you know of a company that could help detect the objects, could you please let me know. I have contacted a bunch and they are quite busy for the next week. I will be contacting more today, but I thought just in case I will ask everyone on here, since I could use a little extra help. Also, if any one of you also built a home swimming pool I would love to know if there is anything else that important that I should know. I feel like any sort of information that is helpful I should know, I would love if you guys could tell me with more important information.

Custom Web Design and Development

Custom web design and development can be a rather expensive proposition, but it can be worthwhile if you are looking to create a very sophisticated website.

In a lot of cases, it makes sense to opt for a simple WordPress website – these days, a turnkey installation of WordPress with a common theme and some quickly added content can still look quite sophisticated and will impress a lot of visitors, as well as be more than enough to do the job of bringing in footfall to your bricks and mortar store. Indeed, thanks to the power of WooCommerce, you can even run an e-commerce website via WordPress, even if you aren’t a developer or a marketing wizard.

However, there are some times when it makes sense to pay for custom website design and development. For example, if you expect that your website will get a huge amount of traffic, then you will want to make sure that the website can cope with that. WordPress – while a brilliant platform, is one that can be a little resource demanding. Paying for a lightweight, highly customized and carefully crafted a website that contains “no bloat” is a good idea.

You may also want custom web development if you are putting together a more complex game site, a video streaming site, or a social network of some form – anything where the functionality you require goes beyond the norm.

custom web designIf you are thinking of hiring a web designer, make sure that you understand exactly what you will be getting from them. With business websites, it is vital that you know you will be getting a site that will perform well, and that is secure. All too often, amateur programmers fail to sanitize inputs, encrypt passwords, verify data, trap exceptions, and take care of security. This may be fine for a casual project was done by a hobbyist, but if you are processing customer data, then you are putting your reputation, your livelihood, and your customer’s personal and financial security at risk if your site is poorly coded.

Do not take chances with bad code. Make sure that the programmers you work with have a good reputation, and ask to see examples from their portfolio. The back-end code must be robust and secure (it’s hard for you to check this, admittedly, if you aren’t a developer yourself), and the front-end code should be valid and look good in most browsers (this is something that you can confirm using the W3C validation tool).

Ask for a quote for the website design that you have in mind, and ask them to lay out milestones so that you can keep track of the project while it is in development. Make sure that you will get the source code so that you can modify it if necessary (and that the code is not encrypted), and also make sure that you are in full control of the domain name and the hosting – or that if you allow them to host your site, that you are the administrative contact for the domain so you can move it if necessary. This will help to ensure that you don’t one day lose your site because the developer goes under, loses interest, or decides to try to extract more money from you by holding your domain hostage.

There’s a lot to be said for custom WordPress web design work, but it isn’t always necessary. Think about what you want and research the best ways to achieve it before you spend money on a large job that isn’t necessary.

Concrete Testing: What Equipment is Used?

There are a variety of manufacturers on the market that offer a large range of the concrete testing equipment in association with fresh concrete. Some of these machines include shrinkage-determination testing machines, rheometers for paste and mortar and rheometers used for fresh concrete and air entrainment meters.

The Air Entrainment Meter

Air Entrainment Meters are used to measure air content in the freshly-mixed motor that is associated with the principle of air-pressure compensation. This machine uses a pressure-chamber where a predefined-pressure is created. Once the overflow-valve has been opened, this pressure will be compensated about the test-pot that contains the mixed mortar. The drop in pressure is then measured to define the air-content inside this mortar.

Air entrainment can be described as the deliberate production of bubbles of air in mortar or concrete. Water typically becomes trapped in this mixture as it begins to harden. This water will eventually evaporate which results in a porous cavity. These particular pores are what result in a weakness in mortar or concrete during the stages of freeze and thaw cycles. Air entrainment meters are used to measure the air trapped in the mix. The design of these units will allow for an easy-storage on any workstation.

Features Of Air Entrainment Metersconcrete testing machine

•Simple operation

•Extreme sturdiness

•Great accuracy

•Designed to offer ease in service

Air Entrainment Meters are made out of a cast aluminum that features locking bolts and a palm grip to offer the upper section and test pot with an airtight-seal. There are two balls cocks that come with the machine to fill up with the required water as well as to vent air. The air will be compressed using a hand-pump built into the machine. The connection-valve used for initial pressure as well as the overflow-valve is combined inside the pressure-chamber. These machines feature a connection-valve uses a needle-valve that has a knurled head-screw. Between the test-pot and pressure chamber is the over-flow valve used for pressure-compensation operates using a valve-rocker. On the pressure-chamber is the pressure-valve with a scale that displays the readings that feature a range between 0-100 vol%.

Shrinkage Cone Used For Concrete And Cement

Shrinkage cones are created with the double type of “wall metal vessel” that provides easy cooling and heating that makes use of external types of “liquid temperature control unit.” The laser-beam is used to measure early expansion and shrinkage in building materials, concrete and cement using a one micron-resolution.

The patented-innovation of Shrinkage Cones make it a possibility to measure the expansion and shrinkage of fluid type building materials in the first few minutes or hours after mixing has begun. Expansion of building material has been registered as touch-free as well as extremely exact using the laser beam. There will be no mechanical-coupling that occurs between the sensor and the fluid. To make sure the measured-distance relates with the relative-length change in the material a specimen container is used.

The change in length is then registered using a 1/10 micron resolution, and the values for this measurement are digitized and then stored by software that comes with this system. This software stores the rel. Humidity, temperature and length change.

The Measurement Procedure

•The fluid “building material” is filled into the specimen container that is cone formed

•This container is then positioned underneath the laser-unit mounted on the “high performance” boom stand

•The adjust for the Automatic offset can be completed using a mouse click on the PC

•The autonomous data-logger registers data over several weeks using an “integrated CF-card memory

•The data-logger uses a network-interface, and the data can be readout with just about any software such as Firefox and Internet-Explorer

More information about concrete testing for the construction industry here